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Welcome, Your Are In Great Company – We Educate. We Edify. We Enrich. We Empower.

Welcome, Your Are In Great Company We Educate. We Edify. We Enrich. We Empower.

Our focus

Our Mission, Vison, Commitments and values
OUR Mission

We aspire to improve the quality and measure of growth in undeserved communities by providing extraordinary opportunities, centralized services, and diverse resources that reconcile and transmute the lives of opportunity populations


Our vision is to take Lemons and Make Great Lemonade. L.E.M.O.N.S. are people and businesses Lacking the Energy, Motivation, Opportunity, Necessities, and a Specifications required to attain Success.


We Value L.I.F.E. = Love. Integrity. Focus. Energy We empower People i.e Leader make leaders


We are committed to helping LEMONS Unlock Their Potential by showing them how to Turn Their Obstacles Into Opportunity


IF IT DOESN’T CHALLENGE YOU, IT DOESN’T CHANGE YOU. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us and your playing small does not serve the world. A rising tide lifts all boats and can attain the dreams and goals that you desire

Our promise

We understand that how a relationship starts directly affects trust and goal attainment. We want you to know that we value you, despite your background. We are passionate about helping you help yourself. Your needs and goals are always our focus while we provide you with Balance, Guidance, and Fulfillment .

We’re Here To Help You Blast Off! Integrate A Growth Model That Will Align, Advance, Accelerate Your Life

our Methadology

Our Proven Process Produces Results And Takes Your Life from Chaos To High Performance
High Performance

Bio of Ms. Shiela Little, LMSW & CEO - Radio Personality (Dr. Due Little)  Ms. Shiela Little is a motivated professional with the ability to lead, organize, and transform individuals in their personal, professional, and business life. Standing boldly in her ​archetypes: Creator, Lover, and Alchemist,​Ms. Little, CEO of​ShapingSolutions(​the first of four businesses she built to assist disadvantaged populations with “leading from the inside”) ​ has been able to develop and implement a ​High Performance Model ​that efficiently assess and strategically provide the necessary tools and resources for individuals and businesses to become well-functioning and self-sufficient. She is a Master’s Social Worker currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Business Psychology, with a concentration on Business Consulting and Industrial / Organizational Psychology. She has served as an Associate Counselor at Delta College, Dual Diagnosis Coordinator and Clinical Therapist at Saginaw Psychology Services

  • Phase 1: Chaos

    Inconsistent results Processes, structures & systems not in place Inadequate resources Lack of clear direction & goals Shifting priorities Unclear policies & procedures Lack of teamwork

  • Phase 2: Stability

    Consistent performance results Basic processes, structure & systems in place Adequate resources in place Clarity of goals & direction Consistency of priorities Well-defined policies & procedures

  • Phase 3: High Performance & Productivity

    Growth from new business opportunities Optimum levels of productivity Excellent performance results Refined processes, structure & systems aligned to strategy High level of participation & empowerment of people Respect for people embedded in the culture Good communication & information sharing

Services We offer

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation We offer a wide range of high-quality Services and Solutions


Our Proud Clients

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